Dreamy Maldives Awaits All Types of Holidaymakers

Maldives. A jewel that’s sprinkled with 1,192 coral islands clustered by 26 breathtaking atolls at the heart of the Indian Ocean–Arabian Sea. The name resonates a thousand fold of exquisiteness that enthralls millions of people – people who are drawn to being immersed into a pool of consummate experiences and flawless engagements that cannot be compared to anything in this world.

Widely known for being the lowest country in the world, it seems that irony or even serendipity has been all good to this glorious gem, as it continuously develops, rapidly bagging the title of being one of the world’s most desired travel destinations.

A wide range of exciting pursuits converge in Maldives Island. With its “One island, one resort concept”, travelers are guaranteed to have a small piece of heaven during their Maldivian holiday. The splashing of the serene waves in the shore is set to give its visitors the tranquility and relaxation that they are ultimately looking for. The views from the comfortable overwater villas that embellish the ocean, endow its occupants with a meditative moment that refreshes their body and soul.

Is the city slowly stripping you of the vigor and passion for life? While in Maldives, you’d get to relish the aroma of the cool, Maldivian breeze, getting tender kisses from the wind, while aboard a traditional boat called “Dhoni”. Traversing the splendorous sea on an extravagant, lavish yacht is also another gorgeous option.

But the prepossessing qualities of Maldives are translated way beyond its timelessly transcendent splendor silhouetted by its powdery, alabaster-coloured sands. The highly-conserved house reefs and impeccably prosperous marine life enable every traveler to have a glance on how majestic, as well as exciting the Maldivian waters are.

Perfect for All Types of Travelers

1. Luxury Holidaymaker

Luxury Holidaymaker, Maldives

Vacationers who are into plush-ness and lavishness will never get disappointed with Maldives! Home to the world’s topnotch and first rate resorts that offer supreme offerings like underwater restaurants, accommodations with the best views and unmatched spas, they can be guaranteed of an unbeatable and supreme royal treatment that they are truly worthy of.
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2. Romantic Honeymooner

Romantic Honeymooner, Maldives

For couples spending a quixotic vacation, Maldives has proven that it’s an exceptional spot to spend the most memorable and nostalgic moments in a couple’s life. The charmingly mushy appeal of its organic beauty and the convenience that its very best resorts are set to bestow lovebirds a blissful and unforgettable time.
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3. Sanctuary Seeker

Sanctuary Seeker, Maldives

The mellow swaying of the sea and the mild pecks of the wind give a calming experience to its visitors who are searching for the much needed lull that they ought to have. And with the top quality resorts that offer world class spa treatments and internationally acclaimed wellness packages, guests are to take advantage of the vitalizing and relaxing moment, making them feel renewed and revitalized.
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4. Family Vacationists

Family Vacationists in Maldives

One of the best ways to spend a Maldivian escapade is with the whole family. Be encircled by the beautiful views of this magnificent paradise! Different water activities and island pursuits abound in Maldives that will surely keep families entertained. With different interests that will be uniting them, intensifying the familial bonds, they will also be taken cared by the superb Maldivian hospitality and customer service, and be accommodated in one of its well-appointed accommodations.
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5. Budget Wanderer

5. Budget Wanderer, Maldives

Maldives may be known for being a favourite destination of Hollywood A-listers, but it also takes pride of itsd resorts that offer premiere facilities and unparalleled experience, without the hefty price tag. With a convenient vacation topped with so many exciting recreations, guests can now prove that an excellent Maldivian holiday need not be expensive.
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It’s high time to kick up your heels, let down your hair and frolic at one of Maldives’ impeccable islands! Seize nature’s beauty and power. Allow Blue Bayou Travel to plan your perfect Maldivian vacation! See the list of amazing Maldives resorts HERE.

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