Experience Paradise in Maldives Islands


Irresistible Maldives islands entices you to take an extraordinary holiday among the threads of islands carved by nature and encased in white-sand beaches that extend beyond the magical horizon of the blue, sparkling sea. This tourist haven is home to luxury resorts that offer a romantic getaway or relaxation in total privacy in pristine white shoreline and at-sea lodging. You will be treated to a list of sumptuous dishes and island-hopping excursions.

The Maldives Island is a destination unlike any other. There are rich natural formations of coral atolls and gardens, islands, reefs, underwater caves, and habitats of flourishing marine life. The clear horizon water with thirty meters visibility lures scuba diving enthusiasts from all over the world to explore vistas of the surreal subaquatic landscape.

If you are wondering how to pick an atoll that will match your need, we help you narrow down on a few top destination atolls to start with. These atolls are where our world-famous luxury resorts are located. Staying in any of our luxury resorts and the pampering that awaits you will put the Fantasy Island television show to shame. It might even make you wish that time will stand still!

What is the visa policy? Everyone flying into Maldives automatically gets a 30-day visa for free. A traveler should have a valid passport, return ticket and sufficient cash. These may qualify you to stay in the island for another 90 days.

Top Four Amazing Atolls

1. North Male Atoll, is in Male the capital of Maldives and the international airport are situated on this atoll. Flights from Asia and Europe land at the Male international airport. The other alternative international airport that serves flights from Milan, Italy is in Gan, on the southern atoll of Addu.

Tourists can take a seaplane or airtaxi to reach any of our Maldives islands resort. If you fear flying a propeller-powered plane, riding a fast craft is the answer. Are there regular passenger ferry boats in Maldives? No, navigation of the shallow waters along the reefs is dangerous. Besides, permit fees are said to be high. Low-keel fast crafts are used to ferry tourists, or you may rent a private yacht.

In Maldives, it is uncommon to avail of last-minute transport arrangements. Planning and bookings are preferred. Divers can rent scuba equipment in North Male Atolls.

2. South Male Atoll is located in the south of its counterpart atoll. It is separated from the north by the Vaado Kandu channel. A speedboat can cross the body of water in 20 to 30 minutes. The South Male Atoll is the home of three of our best luxury resorts fit for honeymooners or a budding romance. Its close proximity to Male makes it an ideal destination for tourists to unwind and short hop for the flight. Tourists can go for a day tour of islands, attend a variety of diving schools, do water sports (kite surfing, wake boarding), ride fishing charter or whale and dolphin watching.

The southern atoll shares North’s, temperature, weather and hum of activities of diving, snorkeling and island hopping excursions. Northeast monsoon runs from December to May, while the southwest monsoon starts in June and ends in November.

3. Baa atoll is home to our exclusive luxury resort in Maldives islands which offers exceptional undersea dining pleasure. Baa atoll, in the northwest of Male, is a UNESCO biosphere reserve of reef animals, reef fish species, turtles, white sharks and manta rays. The atoll attracts more than three hundred thousand eco tourists yearly as it is known as a feeding ground for manta rays and whale sharks. An inlet into Hanifaru Bay pushes plankton, which is food for these marine animals. Some tourists tan on boats while watching manta rays fly by high above the water and sharks’ race or gather around.
4. Dhaalu Atoll is 150 kilometers southwest of Male. It houses two of our world-class resorts in fairy tale lagoon, situated in opposite fringes. The atoll might be a little distant from Male (35 minutes by air taxi), but it is a famous scuba dive site since its opening to tourism. This is a place where a traveler makes an escape, a hideaway from stress and pressure of work.
Being away from everyone else and being alone with someone closest to you are a gem of a holiday in the best spot in the world – Maldives islands. Book a holiday now!

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