Maldives Luxury Resort Makes Heavenly an Understatement


If you are looking for a perfect island getaway with your loved ones, family, or friends, Maldives Luxury Resort offers a complete vacation experience that will surely be a feast to all your senses. The island boasts of plenty of fine white sand beaches with crystal-clear waters that is picture-perfect for that sunny day across the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea and pulsating activities such as wind surfing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, island hopping and amusing water sports. It is also blessed with lush greenery and abundant marine life that provides an insatiable gastronomic experience with the freshest and exotic dishes that can’t be found just anywhere.

Maldives Luxury Resort offers world-class amenities that your loved ones would surely enjoy. Immerse yourself into the mesmerizing spell of our infinity pools, Jacuzzis, lagoons, and pool-side bars, considered to be masterpieces in the island. Feel the comfort of paradise when you choose among the underwater accommodations coupled with SPAs. Enjoy the tropical waves when you try wind surfing and kayaking. Explore the rich marine life in Maldives when you go for scuba-diving or snorkeling. Even if you would prefer to have a walk on the seashore or a swim with your partner or friends, you would enjoy the fine feel of the sands on your feet and the azure crystal-clear waters of Maldives—truly a majestic feeling. A fresh tea and fruit dessert as you read your favorite book on the sands will make your stay here a worthwhile, heavenly island experience.

Why do couples, peers, families, and busy professionals choose the Maldives for their vacation? Here are the top 5 reasons:


1. The intimate privacy of island experience

For those who need that ultimate break from work routine, house duty, stress and pressures of the world, Maldives can give that relaxing vacation and pure comfort. The undivided attention that one can receive and give to those you value is priceless and can be achieved in the private islands of Maldives. The intimate experience as you sail the lagoon with your spouse or partner is the synonym for romantic escape. No wonder Maldives Luxury Resort garners prime reviews from honeymooners, vacationists, and tourists as the best spot in the world to spend your special days.

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2. The finest white sand and crystal-clear waters

There are only a few beaches in the world, which offers unpopulated and ultra-clean seashore waters. You can be assured of the pureness of sand and the freshness of waters at the atolls of Maldives. You can even see what is beneath your floating villa from the balcony and watch the fishes swarm around your presence.


3. The best scuba-diving site in the world

The island of Maldives is the most popular scuba-diving site in the world as you can explore a number of exotic species, watch manta rays, and swim beside whale sharks. You can discover the vastness of coral reefs, various species of fishes, devilish-looking manta rays, lazy whale sharks, egg-laying turtles, and the friendly dolphins. No wonder the Baa Atoll (highlight at Hanifaru) was chosen by the UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. The colorful life existing underwaters is such a wonder to witness.


4. One-of-a-kind 5-star tropical accommodation

Maldives in its numerous atolls or islands has world-class hotels, resorts, SPAs, and water sports amenities that can captivate your interest for water adventure. Enjoy a scenic beach-front villa with an infinity pool to greet your morning. Lavish on a tropical back massage with exotic herbs to pervade your senses. Enjoy a bottle of wine in an underwater cellar, hear the music at an adjacent bar, and taste the Mediterranean-Asian cuisine at the flair of a renowned chef. What could be a better definition of good life than a fabulous stay in one of the resorts in Maldives?

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5. Unlimited water sports in the Indian Ocean

It’s high time for wind surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, and island hopping. Jump as high and as free as you can get when you try the water trampolines. Take turns in playing beach volleyball, beach basketball, or Frisbee tournament on the sand with your friends. If the kids on your group are craving for more water activities, have them ride the water pedal bikes. Even the old folks can enjoy fishing and island golfing while drinking tea herb juices.

The ultimate island adventure is yet to be uncovered in the island paradise of Maldives. When you set foot in its pristine white sands, you will feel the calmness of life away from the busyness of the city.

That most awaited time to be alone with your partner that you’ve been dreaming for so long will now become a reality. Exchange undivided attention and enjoy moments of romantic heaven amidst a panoramic background. Catch up with friends and let loose with our one-of-a-kind island sports activities with the untouched underwater wonder of marine reserves. Bring home treasures of unforgettable memories as a family. Whatever your vacation needs are, the Maldives Luxury Resort has the answers and can provide you the finest quality of life in pure serendipity. Expect for an extended stay as you would surely not want to just cease that heavenly moment on the shores of this quaint and perennial favourite vacation haven.

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