World-class Maldives Luxury Resorts: Exhilarating Holiday


Maldives luxury resorts stockpile an enormous selection of exquisite options and opulent amenities for the well-heeled traveler. We believe it could be you. Be one of our honored guests and shape a fantastic holiday experience of a lifetime.

In this pristine corner of the Indian Ocean, Maldives beckons weary souls for the ultimate getaway and superb pampering experience. For many years, Maldives has been the top luxury destination for honeymooners and holiday makers around the world, including celebrities and the rich.

In 2014, CNN labeled it as the dream destination for honeymooners. It offers plenty of sun, stunning panoramic view of strings of atolls, coral reefs, lagoons and sandbars encased in fine alabaster sands and turquoise water. It is definitely an unspoiled place where there’s a lot of sunshine.

Beyond Your Expectation

Maldives Luxury Resorts are exclusive sanctuaries offering total privacy and anonymity. Pick one for a perfect playground for romance, or honeymoon. The resorts bubble in luxurious accommodations, amenities and personal attention to details serviced by dedicated personnel in many theme resorts. These plush holiday retreats are located along atolls dotting the Maldives tourist zone such as North Male Atoll, South Male Atoll, Baa Atoll and Dhaalu Atoll.

Maldives is also a holiday destination for the family with plenty of things to do for children and adults alike. It’s possible to experience two different Maldives luxury resorts within a week, staying a few days in one and staying the rest in another.

In Maldives, there are things you can experience for the first time like flying an air taxi from Male International airport to your resort of choice. If flying makes you woozy, charter a yacht or speed boat for an exploratory trip to the paradise islands or search for picture-perfect spots for your computer wallpaper.



Ultimate Diving Destination

Maldives is among the ultimate diving destinations on the planet. You can swim, surf and snorkel along the teeming diversity of conserved marine life in reefs and coral gardens and get up close and personal with manta rays, green turtles, sharks, dolphins and fishes.

Despite the excitement of it all, Maldives have no museums or cultural attractions. There are no mountains to rappel and barely anything more to see except the sea, coral islands and the sky. And yet, most holiday makers stays relaxed at the pool, private Jacuzzi or beach and get well toned and tanned in time for their return flight. In between, they might want to get amused with crab racing.

To help you plan your next luxury trip to Maldives, here’s a list of top resorts that might tickle your fancy.

Maldives Top Luxury Resorts

Anantara Kihavah Villas

For some luxury travelers, the reason for choosing Maldives is to soak up in relaxation in privacy, even anonymity. Anantara Kihavah Villas at the Baa Atoll offers guests their own private sanctuary. To heighten activities for the day, the resort has a swimming pool, pool bar, buffet and Japanese restaurant. Get your choice of spa treatment in total privacy – inside your room. More interestingly, the resort has unique wonders such as Anantara Spa and lagoon underwater restaurant. This resort was cited as a family getaway by Absolute Travel Blog.

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Huvafen Fushi

World-class luxury and indulgence are permitted in the unbridled opulence of this resort, where you can find a large wine cellar and spa below the sea. You can stay in a cutting edge, custom-made mobile Dhohi designed to explore the islands’ waters, or choose a bungalow with a panoramic view of Maldives’ spectacular horizon and glass floors to watch the swarming marine life.

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Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru

The resort is enclosed in a reef and lagoon, have colorful coral gardens, which highlight the success of decades of marine conservation. It has its own spa academy for guests to enjoy refreshing renewals – physical, mental and spiritual. The villas feature thatched roof bed, private Jacuzzi and pool fit for a royalty.

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Naladhu Maldives, Ocean House

This place was described as a majestic, state-of-the-art sanctuary. It can be your own home away from home. Attending to your needs is a dedicated personal housemaster to ensure all your heart’s desire for a grand holiday is taken cared of.

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Niyama Maldives

Taking a holiday in Maldives awakens and refreshes the senses for the young and old. For the family, take a break by combining leisure, sports and dining in extravagant resort amenities. There’s a boot camp for kids, snorkeling training or a simulator game for the whole family. For great dining and entertainment, this resort has a floating restaurant, and an underwater music club.

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A whole lot of fun and experience await in Maldives Luxury Resorts. Click the Book button on this link and let the countdown to your amazing summer holiday begin!

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